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tv   [untitled]    March 1, 2013 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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. >> good afternoon, mayor brown, supervisors and friends. we are gathered here today to pay attribute to a man whose visionary guidance, leadership, preservation of america's only indigenous form jazz had made the city of san francisco a beacon for higher aesthetics around the world. i'm a jazz musician. as jazz indicator and club owner and i'm here on behalf of the jazz musicians, club owners who could not be here to say thank
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you. from the artist ry to king oliver to armstrong from the magic of duke elg ton, the elegance of nat king coal to the prestige of lady day this is formed from the african american communities to the south literally lifted this nation to the status of a super power. [ applause ] >> mr. mayor brown, your commitment to the preservation of our american art form resulted in the creation of hundreds of jobs and thousands and thousands of nights of employment for jazz musicians in the city of san francisco
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and all over the united states. jazz musicians and college students from europe to asia, australia to africa come to perform and visit the san francisco jazz venues that were created under your leadership of the jazz preservation district. and to the man who dresses like the duke elg ton and was visionary commitment of this art form to date. mr. mayor brown, we say thank you, we salute you on behalf of my partners and hundreds of jazz musicians from san francisco to
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new york city, chicago to miami, from copenhagen to tokyo. it's my pleasant on behalf of the jazz society a plaque to thank you for keeping our form alive. [ applause ] as the chairman of the economic development committee of the n aacp san francisco branch it is my distinct pleasure to introduce to you our reverend amos brown to present the plaque to mayor brown's
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unwavering commitment to civil rights. [ applause ] >> thank you richard brown. it's good to see you and thank you dr. parkel. that's all i got. i could listen to him talk all day. that was fantastic. >> christina, would you like to come up again? >> thank you. we have a few
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special thank yous that we want to wrap the ceremony up with. if vernal, elsie and deanna if you can please come up. we would really appreciate it. and so behalf on the mayor's office we would like to say thank you deeply for your contribution for making these services such a success. >> thank you. >> they are beautiful. >> for you. we have
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certificates of honor on behalf of the mayor's services. we are good at making certificates of honor. >> thank you. >> okay. and thank you to everybody for your contribution, your time and commitment to showing up today. the sponsors, we appreciate your support. now that
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concludes our ceremony. please enjoy the reception. thank you.
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